word document assignment

technology class assignment, create a word document with all the instructions provided:

Illustrated Word 2019 | Modules 1-3: SAM Capstone Project 1a

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word document assignment
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Devon & Company



· Open the file IL_WD19_CS1-3a_FirstLastName_1.docx, available for download from the SAM website.

· Save the file as IL_WD19_CS1-3a_FirstLastName_2.docx by changing the “1” to a “2”.

o If you do not see the .docx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.

· To complete this SAM Project, you will also need to download and save the following data files from the SAM website onto your computer:

o Support_WD19_CS1-3a_Quotation.docx

· With the file IL_WD19_CS1-3a_FirstLastName_2.docx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in the footer.

o If the footer does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.


1. You are an associate consultant for Devon & Company, a major consulting firm located in Montreal, Canada, and are completing a report for a client on trends in grocery stores. On page 1, change the case of the “Trends Analysis” title to UPPERCASE to make the title more striking.

2. Change the theme colors to Green to coordinate with the company logo.

3. Add a shape to fill the blank space on the page as follows:

a. Near the bottom of page 1, insert a Rectangle from the Rectangles section of the Shapes gallery.

b. Resize the new rectangle to a height of 1″ and a width of 6.5″.

c. Apply the Colored Fill – Lime, Accent 3 shape style to the rectangle.

d. Remove the outline from the rectangle.

e. Drag the rectangle so that its top edge is flush with the bottom edge of the “TRENDS ANALYSIS” green rectangle and its bottom edge is flush with the top of the blue rectangle containing the “Insight”, “Analysis”, and “Direction” pictures, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Position of the New Rectangle

4. On page 2, format the heading paragraph “Overview” as follows to set it apart from the other headings in the document:

a. Apply a 20 point font size.

b. Apply the Fill: Green, Accent color 1; Shadow text effect.

5. Illustrate the suggested strategies for Green Market Grocery as follows:

a. In the blank paragraph in the “Overview” section, insert a Grid Matrix SmartArt from the Matrix section of the SmartArt gallery.

b. Enter the following text in the shapes: Upper-left shape: Local and fresh Upper-right shape: E-commerce Lower-left shape: Shopping and more Lower-right shape: Meal kits

6. Format the SmartArt as follows to suit the appearance of the document:

a. Change the SmartArt colors to Colored Fill – Accent 2.

b. Change the SmartArt style to Subtle Effect.

7. Provide more detailed information about a statistic as follows:

a. Find the sentence “Today, small producers…branded goods market.”

b. After the period at the end of the sentence, insert a footnote with the following text: Small producers are those ranked below the top 100 producers.

8. Draw and format a text box as follows to include a quotation about online grocery shopping:

a. Draw a text box to the right of the paragraph “Consumers also show… attractive, inviting environment. ” in the “Focus on Local and Fresh” section.

b. Resize the text box to a height of 1.5″ and a width of 2.3″.

c. Position the text box using the Bottom Right with Square Text Wrapping option.

d. Copy and paste the paragraph in the document Support_WD19_CS1-3a_Quotation.docx into the new text box.

e. Apply the Colored Outline – Green, Accent 1 shape style to the text box.

f. Apply the Offset: Center shadow from the Outer section of the Shadow Shape Effects gallery.

9. On page 3, format the picture of the grocery store as follows to improve its appearance:

a. Flip the picture vertically so that it appears with the correct orientation.

b. Resize the picture to a width of 6″.

c. Apply the Simple Frame, White picture style.

10. Create a bulleted list beginning with the paragraph “Add online shopping and delivery services.” and ending with the paragraph ” Host events for contemporary consumers.” in the “Online Grocery Shopping” section to make it easy to read those recommendations.

11. Format the paragraph beginning “Devon & Company found…” and ending “…in-house farmer’s markets.” as follows to make it stand out on the page:

a. Apply a Green, Accent 1 shading color to the paragraph.

b. Change the font color to White, Background 1.

c. Center the paragraph.

12. On page 4, copy the formatting from the text “Dining” to the text “Payment services” to use consistent font formats in the “In-Store Experiences” section.

13. Format the picture of the meal kit as follows to improve its layout on the page:

a. Add a border to the picture of the meal kit using the Green, Accent 1 border color.

b. Position the picture so that all the body text in the “Subscription Meal Kits” section appears to the right of the picture and the heading “Subscription Meal Kits” appears above it.

c. Change the text wrapping to Tight.

14. Modify the Heading 2 style as follows to differentiate it from the Heading 1 style:

a. Apply a 14 point font size to the Heading 2 style.

b. Change the font color to Green, Accent 1.

15. Set a custom tab stop of 2.25″ for the five paragraphs in the list in the “Grocery Shopping Habits” section (beginning “Shop in stores 92%” and ending “Use a mobile app 6%”) to align the percentages and separate them from the text.

16. On page 5, modify the table in the “Store Visits” section as follows to add new information and to coordinate with the other table in the document:

a. Insert a new row at the end of the table.

b. Enter 2021 in the first cell of the new row, and enter 1.5 in the second cell of the new row.

c. Apply the List Table 3 – Accent 6 table style.

17. Apply the Heading 2 style to the “Expenditures” paragraph.

18. Apply 36 point spacing before the paragraph beginning “For more survey results…” to separate the paragraph from the rest of the document.

19. At the end of the “For more survey results…” paragraph, underline the email address “info@devon.cengage.com” to match the formatting of the web address at the end of the document.

20. In the last paragraph in the document (“Devon & Company…devon.cengage.com”), replace the text “[insert square bullet]” with a filled square symbol (Wingdings: 110) from the Symbol gallery.

21. In the same paragraph, remove the hyperlink from the web address “devon.cengage.com” because this will be a printed document.

22. Add Outside Borders to the last three paragraphs in the document (beginning “For more survey results…” and ending “Devon & Company…devon.cengage.com”), and then change the border color to Dark Green, Text 2, Darker 25% to separate the paragraphs from the rest of the document.

23. Find all instances of the word “shops” and replace it with the word stores to use the correct term.

24. Check the Spelling & Grammar in the document to identify and correct any spelling errors. (Hint: Ignore names and grammar suggestions.)

Your document should look like the Final Figure on the following pages. Save your changes, close the document, and then exit Word. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.

Final Figure

© Adisa/Shutterstock.com; © Alexey Blogoodf/Shutterstock.com; © Duplass/Shutterstock.com; © Roxana Bashyrova/Shutterstock.com

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