Security Plan proposal

Look at the deliverables for the final project; develop a physical security and access control plan. Please be sure to create this portion of the final proposal with all elements in mind as you prepare this portion.

Below are the deliverables for the final project

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Security Plan proposal
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Use 3 resources at a minimum

Ben you wrote the following below for the initial plan and this proposal is to expand off of the original plan and focus on the highlighted portions above. As always thanks for everything.

Assignment Instructions

You have been hired as the new protection officer for ESL Inc. ESL Inc. has a large facility over 900 employees can be in at any given time. The organization has core hours from 8 AM to 6 PM but workers arrive at the organization as early as 6 AM and leave as late as 9 PM. The organization has 3 guards that work core hours only, posted at the front entrance to the building. Employees have badges that have their picture and key cards that let them in the building. The security guards open the door and check badges in the event a key card does not work. There is no security to prevent users from getting on the grounds, the front of the organization is off a major highway, and the back of the plant is backs up to acres of undeveloped woods. ESL Inc was just awarded a federal contract and after the site visit, they were told they would lose the lucrative contract if they did not make their organization secure.

As the new protection officer, you are to create a comprehensive proposal to make the facility secure which includes the following elements:

· New adequate security staffing levels and shifts

· Effective plan to increase communications

· Plan to raise security awareness in the organization

· Automation operations plan

· A new patrol plans

· A comprehensive Physical Security Plan

· Access Control Plan

· Fire and other types of hazard plan

· Approach to prevent and mitigate workplace crime

· Emergency response plan

· Surveillance plan

Security is an issue that requires all the members of an organization to participate to ensure that the organization remains secure. In any organization, there should be in place measures to enforce security best practices. There must be controls in place, ensuring that any attempted breaches or attacks are prevented. It is also essential to understand that security is not just a technical problem, but people also need to be actively engaged in security. Everyone within the organization must be aware of organization security. Relevant, clear, and interactive communication is also significant to ensure security is adequately addressed to the staff.

New Adequate Security Staffing Levels and Shifts

It is vital that workforce scheduling at the company be evaluated for weaknesses. The gate should have guards all the time there are workers within the organization. This will ensure there is security at the entrances, and no unauthorized personnel can gain entry. The scheduling should be aimed at ensuring the company has an optimum workforce schedule and appropriate staffing levels. There is a need to determine the gate most appropriate staffing levels in order to ensure varying workload requirements for different hours of the day are met. There should be an optimum work schedule for the security personnel at the gate to handle the staff with the highest efficiency (Alfares, 2001).

Effective Plan to Increase Communications

In order to ensure there is security in the organization, communication is critical. There is, therefore, a need for comprehensive and strategic communication. Communication requires collective work; there has to be communication between different departments to ensure coordination and effective decision making. Various groups within the organization must have clear channels through which communication can take place. There has to be an establishment of who should be involved in the communication plans. It is also essential to understand who the key decision-makers are who should be involved in the communication process.

Plan To Raise Security Awareness In The Organization

In order to ensure that security has been properly tackled, there must be plans to ensure security awareness in the organization has taken place. All members of an organization need to understand about security and have an appropriate sense of responsibility. The best way to raise security awareness within the organization will be by educating the staff members and secondly offering the right tools to ensure security. Raising security awareness reinforces security by assuring everyone they are responsible (Allin, 2020).

Automation Operations Plan

Automation ensures security through the automation of certain security controls. Automation ensures security managers can achieve greater information security. There is a need to establish policies, processes, objectives, and procedures relevant to gauranteeing security and ensuring results are achieved according to its policies and objectives. After implementing the automation tools, it is essential to assess the situation and take corrective and preventive measures based on the systems (Montesino & Fenz, 2011).

A New Patrol Plan

There is a need to plan for effective patrol. A team can be established to review security officers’ deployment and identify the best system they offer the maximum security. The system deployed should keep pace with the changing trends. There should be no understaffing of the patrols. Furthermore, the patrols should be distributed proportionately to ensure they are effective at all times. Management information also needs to be incorporated among the security officers to raise awareness among those working.

A Comprehensive Physical Security Plan

While we may focus on technology-oriented security measures, we should not overlook physical security. Physical security entails technical and administrative elements. Physical security enhances security by preventing attackers from gaining physical access and committing crimes. If physical access takes place, then other technological security countermeasures may be useless. It is the organization’s responsibility to safeguard their data, facilities, company assets, and even their staff members. Any company that fails to use proper security controls can face civil or criminal charges since it is deemed negligence (Hutter, 2016). Physical security can include locking rooms that are not in use or houses essential resources.

Access Control Plan

Access control refers to security measures taken to regulate individuals who can gain access to a facility. Various access controls can be put into practice. Access controls can be implemented in entrances through biometric systems, badge systems, and motion detectors. In order to ensure that proper access control is implemented, adequate planning is also needed for effective security measures. The access system should be able to identify individuals who make entry into a building and log them accordingly. There is also authentication in access controls, ensuring that they should be authenticated once an individual has been identified. Lastly, the access control should grant authorization should an individual be identified successfully (Access Control Planning Examples | Kisi, 2020).

Fire and other hazard plans

Fire disasters and other natural hazards such as floods and earthquakes usually have detrimental effects when they take place. The only option to reduce or avoid such adverse effects is to have measures to mitigate damages. There is a need to create fire assemble points where staff members can meet if there is a fire outbreak. Besides, the buildings should have a gadget such as smoke detectors that can detect the outbreak of fire long enough before much damage occurs. Communication channels should be open to all the relevant departments for easier coordination and management of such disasters.

Approach to prevent and mitigate workplace crime

Workplace crimes are some of the antisocial behaviors that take place within the workplace. Workplace crimes can include behaviors such as office theft. Plans to prevent such behaviors include a training staff member to be responsible for their items and creating lockable cabinets that staff members can use to store their things securely. Staff members also need to be cautious with any strangers that visit their offices. The company can invest in technology to reduce crime in the workplace by installing CCTV cameras.

Emergency response plan

An emergency plan can include measures an organization can take to address various emergency cases that may arise. In the emergency plan, the organization needs to be aware of three things; who should be contacted during the emergency, how people should act, and the required resources to handle the emergency that will arise. The emergency should be aimed to ensure there are protections in place and safe-conduct is adhered to. There should also be stabilization or mitigation of the dangerous condition that takes place. Lastly is how to clean up the incidence and get back to normalcy.

Surveillance plan

Federal acquisition regulation advocates that contractors maintain an effective management system. The contractor should also be able to adjust to changes in the system without significant government interventions. Despite the government changing its role from inspection to insight, the organization still needs to have a documented plan to conduct surveillance. The plan provides the organization with the base in which risks can be articulated with the resources being scrutinized.


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