Rereading America #7

From Beyond Outrage By: Robert B. Reich
Rereading America #7
Reich is interested in how people engage with economic issues, writing that “the so-called occupier movement that began spreading across America in the fall of 2011…has profound effect on the national conversation”. The evidence now-a-days that I see the news picks up on or journalists write about on their blogs are the economic justice has become a real issue, take the college admission scandal that happened not too long ago. There were two highly publicized celebrities that cheated the system to get their children into a very prestigious college. These people decided that having money should basically be a one up and used it to the best of their ability. This goes to show you that you can try to buy your way to the top but in the end justice will prevail. This story went viral very fast pinpointing that “rich kids” get what they want and that they need to pay for their actions. This was very looked down upon in society today, saying that kids should work hard to get what they want and not just get everything handed to them, like these 2 sets of parents did.
Reich describes the fading myth of the self-made man and the failure of “trickle-down” economics and suggests that many Americans now view the world of money and success as a rigged game. I would have to agree with Reich this is why, I feel that people today believe that money can be easily grasped IE the college admission scandal and now that social media is

now making kids, teens and young adults millions. People see this as an outcome and see the decisions that these people are making on how the spend this new found money. It just goes to show you that money has really turned people these days. There is also a huge wealth gap between CEO salaries and the rich and poor which is disgusting. I feel that people that are in the lower classes work twice as hard than the rich.
The “basic margin” that Reich says has been broken even though American appears to be emerging from the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression. But the pay f most Americans is not returning. (Reich, PG 404) I see this struggle in my own family. My family went through some tough times when it came to money even though my everyone was working full time and have good jobs the money was just not there and it was devastating. Seeing my parents struggle with paying bills killed me so I started working early on in life to help with paying the bills but it was never enough. Seeing that this happens everywhere in America is heartbreaking because there is a lot of people out there that deserve to live a wonderful life not having to worry about how they are going to pay their bills or the fear of loosing their house or car.
Reich, who served as a cabinet member in the Clinton administration, makes no effort to hide his political affiliations. Reich states that “I used to be called a class Warrior for even raising the subject of widening inequality. Now it seems most Americans have become class warriors. And many blame the Republicans for stacking the deck in favor of the rich.” (Reich, PG 400)
In “ Class in America 2012” by, Gregory Mantsios, “Harold S. Browning” earns $324,000 per year as an executive vice president of a digital instruments company; his ambition is to become a CEO. Imagine that since 2012 Browning has become one of America’s top two hundred CEOs and thus brings home more than $22 million per year. Browning’s profile now would look like he climbed the ladder of success and did but his work in the company. But with that being said I do not believe that CEOs should be making this much money I do believe that they should be limited to funds given to them.

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Rereading America #7
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Visual Portfolio
In the photograph of a man repairing novelty items during vocational training (P. 409), we also see that there are two other people working doing the same job as well, he looks like he isn’t happy and is trying to focus on something else. The slogan on his T-shirt says, “freedom by any means is necessary I believe that this could be where he was either forced to do this job and believes that he is somewhat a slave to this place or he just doesn’t enjoy his job at all.
The men on p. 410, look like they could be looking for handyman like work, they do look like the could be immigrants as well. I feel as if they are looking for any type of work that will pay, I do see this a lot right next to where I work at the U-haul where there are 100’s of men that will line up looking and asking if anyone needs help. I do not think one person will be hired over the other to be honest.
The police officers in front of the JPMorgan Chase & CO. building look like they are patrolling an area or looking at something going on in front of the building due to the fact that everyone behind them in the building are looking the same way up against the window. I do not think it’s something that is happy that is going on it could be a something dramatic or something like a funeral.
On April 15, 2015 protesters stages a “die-in” at a Mcdonald’s in New York Cit, demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage. I think the “die-in” was supposed to resemble the fact that poverty is strong right now and if they do not get this raise they could possibly be homeless living on the streets. I do not think that they actually mean “die” I think it might just be a play on words.
The last powerful image is a photo of a very young child sleeping but not only sleeping, this child is in the trunk of a car wrapped up in a sleeping bag. This photo doesn’t say much about this child’s back story but it looks like this could almost be an image of a kidnapping and this

sleeping child is not actually sleeping but deceased. I hate to go that direction but thats what I see when I look at this image.
From a Tangle of Pathology to a Race-Fair America
By, Alan Aja, Daniel Bustillo, William Darity JR., and Darrick Hamilton
Post-racialists often confirm their perspective by pointing to black and minority appointments to the nation’s elite positions, including the election of Barack Obama to the highest office in the land. Obama described how “legitimate grievances” had “tripped into excuse making and the transformative message of unity and brotherhood was drowned out by the language of recrimination. (AL, PG 416) This passage of the story was very real for me I see it day in and out with everyone on all sides. The specific beliefs that I have against race, minority, or religion is honestly that everyone is equal and is created equal no matter if you black, white, yellow, green or blue we all bleed the same way.
I do agree with Obama’s words in Paragraph 4 are indeed consistent with the tree premises of post-post-racialism. This is because again I believe some people believe it’s their god given right to be right and deserving of privileges.
“Child trust accounts (baby bonds). These accounts are designed to provide an opportunity for asset development for all newborns regardless of the financial position in which they are born. The baby bonds would set up trusts for all newborns with an average account of $20,000 that progressively rise to $60,000 for the babies born into the poorest of families. A federal job guarantee. This would provide economic security, mobility and sustainability for all Americans, while also addressing the longstanding pattern of racial inequality in employment. (AL, PG 420)

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