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Expectations for the Final Research Paper


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Overall approach for this paper:

For this paper, you are choosing one issue that you think is further exacerbated by two of the three major components we examined in this course; leadership, organizational culture, and ethics.

Below is an example of how to approach each section of the paper as it pertains to a chosen issue, and two of the three components you are to choose from:

Issue: Sexual Harassment

Chosen components that impact the main issue: Leadership and ethical climate


For the introduction, it is important to not only set up the issue for the reader, but also the two components you are choosing to discuss your issue with. Furthermore, it is important to the let reader know where the issue is taking place (i.e. your own organization or one of your choosing).

In keeping with our chosen topics above, the introduction should include the following:

The scope of the issue: sexual harassment

-Introduce the issue

-Where the issue is taking place: Note the organization. Is sexual harassment a pervasive issue within a specific department, or the organization as a whole? How long has this issue been going on?

– Briefly touch on how leadership and the ethical climate negatively impact the issue of sexual harassment.

Note: You can define what sexual harassment means in the introduction, or when you transition into your analysis with a brief definition. You always want to define for the reader what the terms you are using mean.


“Before examining how leadership and ethics further impacts sexual harassment, it is important to first understand the definition of sexual harassment.”


Purpose Statement:

Remember, a purpose statement is essentially just like a thesis statement, except more specific and direct. It provides the paper with a clear direction and purpose. The purpose statement should be concise, and therefore, the reader should have no doubt as to what your central issue is, as well as the two components that negatively impact your issue. It should also be noted that you will be examining potential recommendations.


The purpose of this paper is to examine how an ineffective leadership and ethical climate further contributed to the issue of sexual harassment at Yahoo Incorporated. Furthermore, recommendations will be discussed regarding how to provide a solid leadership and an ethical climate that could decrease sexual harassment. (Note that the purpose statement includes all of the main components that will be examined in the analysis).

Analysis Section:

It is important to remember the approach for the analysis section, as this will help you stay focused.


X (leadership) and Y (ethical climate) are negatively contributing to Z (sexual harassment) occurring.

Think of ineffective leadership and an unethical climate—- creating a dynamic that fuels the issue of sexual harassment.

Now that you understand the approach, think about how to “defend” or validate that approach.

I refer to different sections of the analysis as “legs”. So, keeping with our example, in my first “leg” of the analysis, I am going to address leadership and sexual harassment.

This is done by incorporating articles, books, etc., and specific examples, to help substantiate your perspective.

For example, my perspective is that ineffective leadership is perpetuating the issue of sexual harassment. In other words, why do people act the way they do? There are two things I need to do:

-Provide specific examples

-Find resources to tie back to my examples, and support my perspective.

Note: you can provide a theory first, and then an example. The order does not matter, as long as you are providing solid information to help validate your issue (i.e. leadership and its impact on sexual harassment). And the paragraphs are well-developed and organized.

Example of a source: Chris Argryis is a very useful source. One of his theories is model one behaviors. While he does not specifically go into sexual harassment, he does examine why people act the way they do (even when it is not beneficial to the organization). He examines how individuals further exacerbate organizational issues, and why. I then use this theory to help validate my perspective. I tie this theory back to a specific example that I provided in my analysis. By doing these things, it helps to illustrate how leadership negatively impacts sexual harassment, thus, providing a solid critical analysis.

Here is an example of how to organize each “leg” of the analysis. I chose to discuss leadership and sexual harassment first.

Leadership’s Impact on Sexual Harassmentfirst “leg” of the analysis –

· Establish the central focus for the first “leg” of the analysis-in this example it would be leadership and its negative impact on sexual harassment.
· Define leadership.
· Establish your issue: address how leadership negatively impacts sexual harassment. (Keep in mind the questions noted in the instructions under each component).
· Incorporate research to validate your perspective. (I should see resources incorporated in all paragraphs, because this is not an opinion paper).
· Incorporate examples to further support your statements and research.
· Stay focused on examining what is it about leadership that is negatively impacting the issue. Don’t focus on how leadership should be behaving-that is for the recommendation section.
· Wrap up first “leg” of the analysis by reinforcing the overall central focus. In this case, it would be leadership and its impact on sexual harassment.

The same approach used above, would then apply to the second “leg” of the analysis; Ethical climate’s impact on sexual harassment.

The Recommendation Section:

For this section, your recommendations should tie back to SPECIFIC examples that were previously discussed in the analysis section. Stay focused, and provide an organized and succinct recommendation section. The recommendation section should be written in paragraph format.

Here is an example:

Transition paragraph that introduces the central focus for this part of the paper:

“As previously discussed, ineffective leadership as well as an unsound ethical climate can further exacerbate the issue of sexual harassment. In order to overcome the negative consequence and avoid such dilemmas altogether, recommendations for both leadership and ethics will be examined to decrease sexual harassment, and help to achieve organizational success.”

Note how both components (i.e. leadership and ethics) were noted along with the central issue (i.e. sexual harassment).

Then funnel down to the specifics. Here is a great way to set up this section:

Recommendations for Leadership:

Introduce solutions that could help increase effective leadership & decrease sexual harassment-don’t just “tell” the reader, “show” the reader. In other words, provide specific examples as to what should be implemented, not vague information.
Focus on at least two recommendations for each component.

Recommendations for Ethical Climate:

Apply the same format above


Unify the overall central themes in a succinct way. Avoid restating everything you just discussed in the recommendations section.

For example, the overall central themes are: Leadership, ethical climate and sexual harassment,

and the importance of recommendations (in general).


Things to keep in mind:

· Cite your work. I should see in-text citations throughout the body of the analysis.
· Please review the APA resources regarding how to format in-text citations.
· PARAPHRASE, PARAPHRSE, PARAPHRASE! All concepts and theories must be paraphrased. Please understand that just changing a few words or the order of the wording, is not paraphrasing. I want students to apply critical thinking to the analysis.
· Use direct quotes SPARINGLY. Please do not use direct quotes in place of defining concepts. Only use direct quotes to enhance your analysis.
· Please do not list or bullet point information within your papers, write out everything you want to discuss in paragraph format.
· Most importantly, please do not plagiarize. If you are still a bit fuzzy about what plagiarism is, I would recommend reviewing the plagiarism policy and/ or plagiarism video.

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