On a separate word document, please respond to both parts of the exam. For the multiple choice, all you need to do is to identify the correct choice for each question. You do not need to revise the question, just simply do the following: 1. B 2. D 3. A. so on and so forth. For the short answer responses, all you need to do is to answer the question to the best of your understanding of the course materials. Assuming you have done the assigned readings and that you have reviewed the power point presentations and attended the class weekly, the exam should be straight forward.
Part I: Multiple-Choice Questions (30 points). Please circle only one correct response to each of the following questions. Select only one. Each is worth 2 points.
1. What term do sociologists use to describe the phenomenon whereby subjects deviate from their typical behavior because they realize they are under observation?
A. Control group​
B. Spurious response
C. Hawthorne effect ​
D. D. value neutrality
2. There are many different kinds of variables. A variable that produces an effect on another variable is called a (n):
A. Theoretical Variable ​​​
B. Independent Variable
C. Dependent Variable ​​​
D. D. Conceptual Variable
3. Sociology is considered a science because sociologists:
A. teach at respected universities
B. engage in organized and systematic study of phenomena to enhance understanding
C. receive government funding for research projects
D. construct middle range theories to explain behaviors
4. The awareness that allows people to comprehend the link between their immediate, personal social settings and the remote, impersonal social world is called
A. The sociological imagination​​
B. Anthropology ​
C. C. Theory​​​​​
D. D. Verstehen
5. Which of the following is a culturally learned behavior?
A. Mores​​
B. Folkways ​​
C. Laws ​​
D. All of these
6. A subculture is
A. a segment of society that shares a distinctive pattern of mores, folkways, and values that differs from the larger group.
B. a large number of people who live in the same territory, are relatively independent of people outside it, and participate in a common culture.
C. the totality of learned, socially transmitted behavior.
D.​specialized language that is used by members of a group
7. The statement “Most homeless people are not mentally ill” is an example of a (an):
A. Hypothesis​​​B. Experiment​​​
C. Operational definition​​D. A variable
8. Which sociological perspective would suggest that if an aspect of social life does not contribute to a society’s stability then it does not serve as a useful function?
A. Functionalist ​​​B. conflict ​​
C. Interactionist ​​​D. all of these
9. A sociology instructor asks students to make lists of the characteristics of the best and worst possible instructors. These lists, which would be used to evaluate all instructors, are an example of a (an)
A.​typology.​​​B.​ideal type.
10. Which sociological perspective suggests that language and symbols offer a powerful way for a subculture to feel cohesive and maintain its identity?
A. Functionalist
B. conflict
C. interactionist
D. feminist
11. English-speaking people in the U.S. commonly use words whose origins are from various African, Asian, and non English speaking European cultures. This is an example of:
A. nonmaterial culture
B. cultural diffusion
C. cultural shock
D. cultural relativity
12. The scientific study of social behavior and human groups is known as:
A. Psychology
B. political science
C. sociology
D. anthropology
13. Anomie refers to:
A. a model that serves as a measuring rod against which actual cases can be evaluated
B. a loss in direction that is felt in a society when social control of individual behavior has become ineffective
C. a classification scheme containing two or more categories
D. a type of suicide that is based on depression.
14. Human behaviors and cultural beliefs/practices:
A. Are just about same everywhere​​B. Vary widely from culture to culture
C. Are based on instincts​​​D. are based on natural selection
15. Karl Marx used the term “proletariat” to refer to
A.​the capitalist class.​B.​the owners of the means of production.
C.​the working class.​D.​the middle class.
PART II. Short Answer Questions (70 points): Applying your knowledge so far of Sociology, please answer the following questions to the best of your understanding. Where necessary define and provide examples. Each is worth 10 points

1. From the following theorists, choose 2 and discuss their contribution to Sociology (10 points)
Karl Marx ​​Jane Addams ​​W E B Dubois ​C Wright Mills
Charles Cooley​ Max Weber ​​Emile Durkheim ​Jane Addams
Harriet Martinue​Herbert Spencer​Pierre Bourdieu​George Herbert Mead
2. Applying your knowledge on sociological perspectives, discuss how each would address “social class inequality” as the result of the pandemic (10 points)
3. What does it mean by the Sapir-Whorlf Hypothesis? How does it help us explain social unrests in America, especially when it comes to Cultural War? (10 points)
4. What does it mean by causality? Correlation? What’s the connection between them. Use an example to illustrate your understanding of the difference and similarity between them. (10 points)
5. Social interaction inevitably leads to conflict and tension, applying your knowledge so far, which “element” of the Social Structure do you think contribute most to tensions in society? Explain (10 points).
6. Using Rap/Hip Hop as an example, how might it contribute to the development of subcultures and at the same time cultural diversity? (10 points)
7. What did W. E. B. Dubois mean by “Double Consciousness?” How might this be useful in understanding the status of women in today’s society? (10 points)

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Extra Credits:
1. Insofar as what you required to complete in this course, identify all that you must complete and discuss one that you find most helpful to understand Sociology (5 points)
2. From everything you have learned so far, what stands out most to you? Explain (5 points)

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