Concept Application Paper

Assignment #3: Concept Application Paper (40 Points)

In this assignment you are to engage one movie from the attached list, on a critical level. This means that I am asking you to apply the multiple communication concepts you have discovered through this course against the movie you choose. In other words, what you are doing is putting together theory (course concepts) and practice (the life world of the movie).

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Concept Application Paper
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Specifically, you are to choose 5 of the 12 concepts below in order to: a) explain them and then b) show how they work in the movie. Your paper should be a minimum of 5 full pages in length. The structure of the paper must follow this format (HOWEVER, DO NOT USE THESE HEADERS IN YOUR PAPER):

INTRODUCTION: (1/2 page) Preview your paper in this section.

BODY: (4 pages) explain the 5 concepts and apply them to the movie in this section.

CONCLUSION: (1/2 page) Summarize and bring closure.

Grading Criteria

I firmly believe that we come into existence as human beings through our communication. And so, attention to the quality of our writing is tantamount to attention to improving the quality of our existence. Therefore, you should make every effort to answer affirmatively the following questions, not just to receive a good grade but also to constitute yourself as an enriched individual.

Mechanics (10 points): Is the paper typed (double spaced, w/ 1” margins)? Have you proofread until the spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax are flawless?

Style (10 points): Is your paper intelligible and engaging of the audience’s attention because it is well organized, while the writing is lively and clear?

Content (20 points): Have you comprehensively explained each concept, and is your application reasonable, well thought out, creative, and insightful?

Communication Concepts from the Text (Choose 5 of the 12)

Communication as a foundation for personal life, relationships, professional success, and civic life
Regulative and Constitutive Rules guiding communication
Nonverbal behaviors of Kinesics, Haptics, Physical Appearance, and Artifacts
Nonverbal behaviors of Proxemics, Environment, Chronemics, and Silence
Ineffective Listening, Pseudolistening, Monopolizing, Ambushing, Selective, Defensive, Literal Listening
Cultural Adaptation, Resistance, Tolerance, Understanding, Respect, Participation
Significant & Generalized Others, Reflected Appraisals, Self-fulfilling Prophesy
Relationship Dialectics
Five Phase Model of Dyadic Breakdown
A communication concept from the book that is not listed here.
Feature Films with Strong Communication Themes

2008 Borat (2008). (conflict)

Doubt (2008). (communication climates)

Rachel Getting Married (2008). (family communication, nonverbal communication)

Yes Man (2008). (conflict, listening)

2007 Lars and the Real Girl (2007). (communication climates, relationship development)

2006 Little Miss Sunshine (2006). (family communication, communication climates, self-concept)

The Devil Wears Prada (2006). (organizational communication, communication climates, groups and teams

2005 Brokeback Mountain (2005). (personal relationships, prejudice, personal identity)

Flightplan (2005). (perception, nonverbal communication, defensive and supportive climates)

Hitch (2005). (relationship development, self-concept, gender communication, listening)

The Family Stone (2005). (family relationships, nonverbal communication, listening)

Serenity (2005). (defensive and supportive climates, communication in groups and teams, leadership, friendship rules

2004 Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004). (media effects, communication climate)

Garden State (2004). (self-identity, relationship development, communication climate)

Mean Girls (2004). (relationship development, self-identity, small group communication)

Super Size Me (2004). (organizational communication, self-identity)

Miracle (2004). (small group communication, team building)

2003 All The Real Girls (2003). (personal relationships, conflict, nonverbal)

Bend It Like Beckham (2003). (perception, co-culture, adapting to diversity, verbal communication, personal identity, relationships)

The Pianist (2003). (conflict, co-cultures, intolerance, climates)

2002 8 Mile (2002). (co-cultures, adaptation to diversity, tolerance, conflict, mass media)

13 Conversations About One Thing (2002). (listening, personal identity, personal, personal relationships, self-disclosure)

About A Boy (2002). (self-identity, non-verbal, conflict)

Bowling For Columbine (2002). (communication climates, co-cultures, conflict, mass media)

Far From Heaven (2002). (personal identity, personal relationships, co-cultures, diversity, conflict)

Monsoon Wedding (2002). (perception, adaptation, co-cultures, non-verbal, personal relationships)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002). (perception, co-cultures, adapting to diversity, groups)

2001 A Beautiful Mind (2001). (public communication, organizations, personal identity, personal relationships)

Almost Famous (2001). (mass communication, personal identity, personal relationships, media) Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001). (intrapersonal, personal identity, conflict, personal relationships)

Bully (2001). (groupthink, personal identity, conflict, groups)

Chicken Run (2001). (groups and teams, organizations, perception)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2001). (co-culture, non-verbal, adapting to diversity, personal relationships)

Ghost World (2001). (personal identity, verbal communication, perception)

O (2001). (personal identity, personal relationships, intolerance, listening, teams, rites & rituals)

2000 Catfish in Black Bean Sauce (2000). (intercultural, co-culture, family, relational intimacy, relational stages)

Erin Brockovich (2000). (power, listening, nonverbal, self-disclosure, communication competence, persuasion, perception)

Hanging Up (2000). (intergenerational, family, listening, communication competence, perception)

Memento (2000). (personal identity, chronemics, listening)

Remembering the Titans (2000). (co-culture, prejudice, stereotypes, conflict, perception, power, self-disclosure).

What’s Cooking (2000). (family, co-culture, listening, conflict, self-disclosure)

1999 American Beauty (1999). (intergenerational, self-perception, perception, family, communication climate, listening, co-culture, gender, relational stages)

Angela’s Ashes (1999). (family, intergenerational, perception, prejudice, stereotypes, nonverbal, listening)

Being John Malkovich (1999). (perception, nonverbal, relational intimacy, co-culture, gender, communication competence, listening)

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999). (nonverbal, intercultural, stereotypes, prejudice, perception, relational intimacy, listening, communication competence)

The Cider House Rules (1999). (self-disclosure, perception, emotion, listening)

The End of the Affair (1999). (perception, nonverbal, relational intimacy, relational stages, listening, self-disclosure, gender)

The Green Mile (1999). (power, prejudice, stereotypes, perception, co-culture)

The Other Sister (1999). (perception, stereotypes, communication competence, family, prejudice, self-disclosure, listening)

The Straight Story (1999). (intergenerational, family, listening, perception, communication competence, emotion)

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999). (communication competence, perception, self-disclosure, listening, nonverbal, gender, stereotypes)

1998 A Bug’s Life (1998). (group communication, listening, persuasion, communication climate, conformity, critical thinking, defiance, group roles, listening, perception, power)

Beloved (1998). (relational intimacy, perception, listening, relational stages, prejudice, stereotypes)

High Art (1998). (emotion, perception, gender, co-culture, relational intimacy, self-disclosure) How Stella got her Groove Back (1998). (intergenerational, relational stages, relational intimacy, perception, co-culture, self-disclosure, listening)

Shakespeare in Love (1998). (gender, nonverbal communication, perception, self-disclosure, communication competence)

Smoke Signals (1998). (relational stages, perception, intercultural, stereotypes, prejudice, self-disclosure, relational intimacy, listening, communication competence)

The Red Violin (1998). (listening, perception, conflict, relational stages, relational intimacy, family, stereotypes)

1997 Chasing Amy (1997). (perception, gender, co-culture, relational intimacy, relational stages, stereotypes, self-disclosure)

In & Out (1997). (nonverbal, perception, stereotypes, co-culture, gender, prejudice, communication competence)

Jerry McGuire (1997). (relational intimacy, communication climate, conflict)

Life is Beautiful/La Vita e Bella (1997). (family, prejudice, stereotypes, relational stages, relational intimacy, listening, intergenerational, communication competence)

1996 Dangerous Minds (1996). (language, emotions, culture)

Dead Man Walking (1996). (perception, stereotypes, prejudice, communication climate, listening, language)

Mr. Holland’s Opus (1996). (communication climate, relational intimacy, self-concept)

The American President (1996). (communication competence, perception)

Truth about Cats and Dogs (1996). (self-concept, nonverbal, gender)

1995 Clueless (1995). (language, culture, communication competence)

Grumpier Old Men (1995). (stereotypes, prejudice, perception, intergenerational, emotion, relational intimacy, relational stages, nonverbal, listening)

My Family (Mi Familia) (1995). (culture, communication climate, communication competence)

Waiting to Exhale (1995). (friendship, listening, perception, nonverbal, relational intimacy, relational stages)

1994 Before Sunrise (1994). (nonverbal, relational stages, emotions)

Pulp Fiction (1994). (perception, language, relationships, listening, nonverbal, power, emotion)

Reality Bites (1994). (relational stages, self-disclosure)

1993 Grumpy Old Men (1993). (stereotypes, prejudice, perception, intergenerational, emotion, relational intimacy, relational stages, nonverbal, listening)

Remains of the Day (1993). (nonverbal, relational intimacy, emotions)

Philadelphia (1993). (communication climate, perception, nonverbal)

The Joy Luck Club (1993). (culture, communication competence, conflict)

1991 Boyz N the Hood (1991). (family communication, communication climate, conflict, self-concept)

He Said, She Said (1991). (perception, gender, self-disclosure, relational intimacy, relational stages)

Mississippi Masala (1991). (relational stages, perception, co-culture, intercultural, stereotypes, prejudice, self-disclosure, relational intimacy, listening, communication competence)

The Doctor (1991). (perception, empathy, roles)

1989 Dead Poets Society (1989). (group communication, communication climate, conflict, critical thinking, defiance, group development, group polarization, self-concept)

When Harry Met Sally (1989). (gender, relational stages)

1986 Children of a Lesser God (1986). (intercultural, communication climate, power, relational dialectics, relational stages)

1985 The Breakfast Club (1985). (group cohesiveness, group development, perception, power, roles, self-disclosure, status)

1983 Being There (1983). (language, perception)

1957 Twelve Angry Men (1957). (group communication, listening, persuasion, communication climate, conformity, critical thinking, defiance, group roles, listening, perception, power

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