Business Analyses

Homework 2 Outline: Title Page: Student Name, Company Assigned, Class (Strategic Management) and Section (01 or 02) Part I Introduction Company Overview Global Industrial Classification Standard Business Model Part II External Analysis Life Cycle Analysis Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Summary of Opportunities and Threat References Total Points 237 Pts.: Content = /212 pts., Formatting/Writing = /25 pts., Pt. loss: – = /237 = % Formatting Requirements: Length: The paper is should be about 5 pages, excluding the required title and reference pages. Graphics: Graphics need to be identified within the corresponding text section, after the text section. The graphic needs to be labeled (follow same labeling format for each graphic). See your text as an example of how figures/graphics are labeled (directly underneath the figure/graphic with appropriate chronological order, corresponding to the section they appear in) Graphics need to be legible, consistent with the style and format with the rest of the assignment and not look “hokey” (for example, handwritten, copied/pasted/inserted from another source in instead of being generated firsthand). Graphics should not extend beyond the margins set and should be appropriately proportioned relative to the text section, not overwhelm it. Table: In this case this refers to the table for the opportunities and threats.
1. The table needs to be identified in the preceding paragraph.
2. The table needs to be labeled (either just above or below the table, left-justified)
3. The table needs to be originally created (not handwritten or copied/pasted/inserted from another source) and should not be extend beyond the set margins and should be appropriately proportioned relative to the size of the preceding text section.
Margins: 1 inch (top, bottom, right, left) (5 pts.) Font style/size: Times New Roman or Calibri, size 12 pt. (4 pts.) Spacing: Single (separate paragraphs, sections, headings, subheadings and graphics with double-spacing) (4 pts.)
Headings: Use headings (not numbers/letters/roman numerals) to identify each section of the paper, ordered according to the outline (7 pts.)
Voice: Write in the third person 1 pt. loss for each misuse of voice
Writing: Grammatically correct, include appropriate punctuation and be free of typographical errors and misspellings. 1 pt. loss for each spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation error.
Referencing: APA Style. Enumerate in superscript at the end of the sentence after the period. Then provide (5 pts.) the enumerated list as a stand-alone “References” page at the end of the paper. Note: “wiki” sources CANNOT be used as a source of information. 1 pt. loss for each place where a reference should appear in the body of the paper.
Other relevant information: Students may choose to work together on conducting research, sharing research information and comparing data, but EACH student must do their own writing. Do NOT plagiarize! This will automatically result in a “zero” and warrant additional class, business school and university consequences. Be mindful of “cut-n-paste” from other sources. You can quote (and therefore cite) statements, but not entire sentences/paragraphs. The assignments must be your own writing as this running assignment serves to satisfy the upper-division university general education writing requirement. BGEN499 Homework Assignment #2: Due Sun., Nov. 08 by 11:59pm
Part I: Introduction Company Overview: (.5 – .75 pg.) This must include the following:
• In words, provide a brief chronological history of the company – founded when, by whom, what does the company sell and to whom, when was IPO, revenue and market cap at time of IPO, initial IPO share price, how much was raised by IPO, other private invest, mergers, acquisitions, divestments, changes to executive leadership where stock price is today, revenue, market cap, is the company profitable, how much has the company grown since its IPO in terms of revenue and market cap. (25 pts.)
Global Industrial Classification Standard: (approx .5 pg.) this must include the following:
• Introduce the GICS model – developed by? What does it do/how does it work? (5 pts.)
• Describe the GICS for the company assigned, sector, industry group, industry, primary sub-industry and list company’s closest direct competitors. (10 pts.)
• Include a pyramid graphic (Figure) to illustrate the information presented in words from the previous bullet point – label the Figure. (10 pts.)
Business Model: (.5 – .75 pg.) this must include the following:
• Provide a definition of the concept of a business model (reference your etext, not another source!). (5 pts.)
• State, in paragraph form, the company’s business model. Using the company’s most recent full years’ worth of financial info., include all sources of revenue, by customer group and the percentage each contributes to the current revenue total. (15 pts.)
• Provide a Figure (org. chart in nature) illustrating what was indicated in words, labeling the Figure. (10 pts.) Part II: External Analysis Start by introducing the analysis: must include the following:
• What is an external analysis? (defined, purpose of, what analyses are typically included (list in appropriate order), what is included in this analysis for purposes of this assignment, stated in the order they will be presented?) (10 pts.)
• Re-state the company assigned, the GICS sub-industry that will be the focus of the analysis (5 pts.) Industry Life Cycle Analysis: This must include the following:
• Introduce the model, what it is/does and the resulting information provided? (5 pts.)
• State the current stage of life cycle that the sub-industry is presently in. (2 pts.) Then (in the same paragraph), indicate what information from the research supports the statement made- list first, then take each and present the research in the order listed? This must include the 3-year compound annual growth rate for the sub-industry and the subindustry’s project future growth, information regarding industry competitive structure and barriers to entry. (15 pts.)
• What do the results of the industry life cycle mean in terms of presenting a threat or opportunity to profitability for the sub-industry and to the company assigned? Must connect the dots here – describe how the results present opportunities and/or threats for the sub-industry companies to increase revenue/profitability. (5 pts.)
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: this must include the following:
• Introduce Porter’s Model: What is it, by whom was it developed? (5 pts.) What are the forces that are included in the analysis and what/how is the resulting information provided? (10 pts.) For purposes of this assignment, what forces are included and evaluated this Porter’s analysis (listing them in the order they will be presented) (5 pts.)
• Use a sub-heading for each force. Start by introducing the force, stating what each force specifically evaluates and what information is included to evaluate the force. Then provide information from research (that is referenced) that you analyze and draw/extrapolate a conclusion in terms of whether the force is strong, moderate or weak and link the result to whether it presents a threat or opportunity to sub-industry and the company’s profitability.
o Risk of Entry by Potential Competitors: must be consistent with what needs to be evaluated for this force (e.g., barriers to entry) AND with the information presented from the life cycle. (25 pts.)
o Rivalry among Established Competitors: must be consistent with what needs to be evaluated AND with the information presented from the life cycle. (25 pts.)
Summary of Opportunities and Threats: this must include the following:
• Provide an overall, one paragraph summary listing the results of each of the analyses (life cycle and Porter’s) and what it means to sub-industry profitability: (10 pts.)
• Provide a table, with two columns – one for opportunities and one for threats, each with a list of bullet points identifying what information from the research represent opportunities and what information represents a threat. Label the table as “Table 1: Summary of….” (10 pts.)

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